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The Celebration Center

Sundays 10:30 AM

Wednesdays 7:00 PM

7.Please download, print, and mail the application to the CCTC office at 3602 Floyd Avenue, Richmond, VA 23221. Please mail the $50.00 administrative fee at this time as well. Once the CCTC office receives the completed form and the administrative fee, the counseling coordinator will call you to schedule an Assessment. There is no fee for the Assessment appointment. The purpose of this appointment is to evaluate your situation and needs, and to give recommendations, which could include: weekly counseling sessions, crisis intervention, counseling courses, and/or referral to another counseling organization. Necessary administrative processing will also take place. This includes an orientation to counseling, along with signing necessary release forms. To download application you will need Acrobat Reader.

8. Financial Considerations:
a. There is a $50.00 administrative fee which must accompany the completed Application for Counseling. The Administrative fee must be received prior to scheduling your Assessment appointment. There is no charge for the original assessment.
b. When meeting with a counseling team a donation of $50 is suggested for each additional session following the Assessment.
c. There is tuition for the courses, as outlined in the quarterly CCTC course flyer, but it has been kept at a minimum to cover our hard costs, so that finances will not hinder anyone from taking the courses.
d. If you are currently experiencing financial difficulty and find the cost to be prohibitive, contact the CCTC office for our Financial Resource Checklist and Counseling Assistance Application. We ask that you give serious prayerful consideration to both of these forms as you determine how you might contribute towards the expense of your counseling.

*Please note that no one will be denied help due to lack of financial resources.

9. Due to this financial position, the costs to CCTC exceed the income from the counseling and classes. As a non-profit organization, CCTC is dependent on support from a variety of sources including the people we serve. This is a Biblical means of support for continuing the work of the ministry (Galatians 6:6, Matthew 10:5-11, I Corinthians 9:14, I Timothy 5:18). Upon completion of your counseling, monthly support to CCTC is greatly appreciated!

10. Come with high expectations! We believe that with your cooperation, the Lord will help you find a good and acceptable answer to the difficulty that prompted you to contact us.

Counseling Facts