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The Celebration Center

Sundays 10:30 AM

Wednesdays 7:00 PM

Counseling - Getting Started

To begin the counseling process, please print and sign this Fact Sheet, then send it to us along with your completed application and $50 administrative fee. Feel free to contact us at (804) 358-1343 or email us atcounseling@cctcinc.org if you have any questions. 


1. The Christian Counseling & Training Center (CCTC) is a non-profit ministry designed to serve people who have problems they cannot handle alone. The range of problems with which we deal is very wide. It includes broken and dysfunctional marriages, parent-child relationships, depression, alcohol and drug abuse, and any number of other problems that result in personal and interpersonal turmoil and distress.

2. The counselors/instructors at CCTC have been intensively trained in the principles and practices of Biblical Counseling. They are not trained psychotherapists or licensed professional counselors, nor do they practice psychological therapy.

3. The Biblical counselor/instructor maintains that the Scriptures provide practical, in-depth solutions to every type of problem of attitude, behavior and emotion. He is committed to the position that the Scriptures provide the only authoritative rule of faith and conduct for life.

4. The counselors usually work in teams. Sessions are normally one hour and are conducted by a lead counselor, who is assisted by either one or two others. This is done to allow for greater insight and objectivity in the counseling process and for the purpose of training less-experienced counselors. All of the counselors are under some form of supervision and come to us with the support and recommendation of their pastors and/or local church.

5. Confidentiality is respected. What occurs in class or the counseling session may be discussed with other counselors or the leadership of your church, but only to the degree necessary to find further Biblical solution to the problems presented and/or for training purposes. Exceptions to this policy would involve situations that the Scriptures or the Laws of Virginia demand otherwise. In either case the counselee with be informed prior to such disclosure. All such consultation will be conducted in accord with the highest standards of Biblical ethics.

6. We at CCTC believe in the total health needs of the counselee. Your counselor or instructor may recommend that you have a full or specified medical examination.